The Wall No More

Our brand tagline GLOBAL-NETWORK is comprised of two joint objectives.


01. Global Connectivity Unite those at the intersection of style, skate, music, art, architecture, fashion, literature, and design.


02. Activist Network Create a badge of anti-authority. Inspired by the manifestos of Dada-ism, objectives of the Situationist International, and design ethos of the Bauhaus — develop a cultural connectivity to operate on a frequency too complex for any organized system to detect or defend against.



United through resistance to “The Wall” ideology, border construction mandate, unlawful social prejudice, and USA military-industrial complex — may Matériel represent an active bond for those working together in aspiration for global pacifism and racial equality.


Screenprinted on-top of our tonal Unsolicited Advertising Longsleeve — multiple scanned newspapers clippings from the morning the Berlin Wall fell are printed in raw b/w halftone. This graphic is a tribute to the past, and a promise to the future that “The Wall” will be defeated. In support of those detained — 100% of collected proceeds will be donated to The Young Center, a non-profit providing Independent Child Advocates to represent and stand up for unaccompanied immigrant children and "champion the child's best interests".